All Natural Quest Inc. initially started from the home kitchen of Abe and Fariba. Their love of good food and healthy eating inspired them to create a product that would flavor their foods in a wholesome and nutritious way as an alternative to the common, unhealthy items you find in a typical pantry. To create such a product was an artful task. They started to look into precious spices that have been around for years, particularly focusing on saffron, a spice they grew up eating. Abe and Fariba believe that their creation of Spray ’N’ Serve™ Saffron will revolutionize the use of this organic spice. Their dedication to bringing high quality ingredients at an affordable price as well as their desire to expand what we have come to know as delicious, healthy food is why Abe and Fariba feel confident in believing Spray 'N' Serve® Saffron should be in the pantries of every home cook, professional chef, and restaurant!